We are often asked why, out of all of the possible wildlife conservation causes we chose elephants!

For us the answer is simple, and to keep it so here, here it is in dot point form:

  • Throughout history, no other creature has been able to capture the collective imagination of people like the elephant. It is an iconic species. Its sheer size, social nature, high intelligence and its absolutely unique look.
  • The elephant is an important umbrella species, which is to say, if it becomes extinct a number of other species will disappear along with it. It makes complete sense then to concentrate on saving a species that if successful will result in benefitting many other species.
  • The elephant has played and continues to play, a significant role in popular culture whether it be Tarzan riding on an Asian Elephant (masquerading as an African one with false ears!) Disney’s Dumbo, the tales of Rudyard Kipling or even the recent movie Water for Elephants. The elephants is a part of our culture and who we are.
  • It is a creature that crosses many international boundaries and exists in most zoos worldwide.
  • There are a great many people in South East Asia who are dependent on the elephant for their economic well being.
  • The elephant is also a creature of great cultural significance in the countries it inhabits. The elephant is offered as a symbol of the Thai nation and Laos refers to itself as “the land of a million elephants”.
  • The Asian elephant has great religious and mythological significance in many cultures and appears in numerous guises as Ganesh, Airavata & Erawan.
  • Finally, everyone loves elephants. So what better place for us all to start with our conservation efforts!

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